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Specialist in Psychiatry & Psychotherapy FMH

Portrait Dr. Husam A. Suliman

'... as soon as you’re talking about dreams, the potential of the human mind is infinite.'

A Man and His Dream - 2010

My fascination for psychoanalysis and the idea of the unconscious led me at an early age to study medicine and become a psychiatrist. It allows me to remain curious and open to the life stories that clients bring to me in my practice, and thereby continually experience psychoanalysis itself in new ways.   


In my practice I offer psychoanalysis-oriented psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, self-awareness, coaching and counseling, brief assessments and second opinions, as well as psychopharmacotherapy. 


The practice is usually open Tuesday to Thursday.

For enquiries and consultations, please contact me by email:  


I studied human medicine in Bonn, followed by my approval as a physician and by my PhD. 

I then began my training as a specialist in Zurich and took up clinical assignments in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings at the Psychiatric University Clinic Zurich and Kilchberg Sanatorium, most recently as senior physician at the Clinic for Geriatric Psychiatry of the PUK Zurich. 

During my studies and residency I completed various research trips and worked in research groups on psychiatric genetics and neuronal imaging. In parallel, I trained as a psychoanalyst at the Psychoanalytic Seminar Zurich.

I started my practice as a 'general practitioner' in 2015 and have been working as a 'specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy' in my own practice since 2017.

In addition to my clinical work my interests lie in the relationship of psychoanalysis, art and culture. I give lectures on this subject, and co-edited various publications as member of 'The Missing Link‘.

'His paintings are blank, but they are not empty; they are deserted, but they are not unoccupied; they are all white, but they are not without images.' 

The Day My Mother Touched Robert Ryman - 2013

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